Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trip to Prague, Part 2

On our first day, we had a few people overcoming some of the
foods on the plane, and the bumpy ride on the way from the
airport to the hotel. So we all took it easy, and just sat around
catching up. A few of us went over to the Czech Inn with Chris,
to see the fruits of his labor for the last three years or so. He's
the owner, and takes great pride in his work.

The Inn is a REALLY nice hostel complete with a great bar - if
you're ever in Prague on a Monday night, czech out the gaming
night with a huge pot to the winner!

This is a picture of the
escalators up from the Metro.

The breeze coming from
the top downward is
amazing, created by the
trains pulling out of the
underground station.

This "Church of the Holy
Heart" with the Clock
Tower embedded in it is
right around the corner
from my sister's apartment.

The sidewalks are 100%
cobblestone... so are some of the
roadways. They make for
a really nice looking, but rough,
walk or drive.

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